Becker Hong Kong Business Consulting
& Development


Consulting and comprehensive
management of investment projects

  • Selection of locations for investment
  • Management of relations with authorities and official agencies
  • Researching and selecting of Partners
  • Arrangement of Partnership agreements and joint ventures
  • Comprehensive advice and help on investment projects

Commercial intermediary services

  • Commercial representation
  • Commercial Agency in purchases and sales
  • Supervising and following-up of long-running supply agreements
  • Researching and selecting Distributors
  • Commercial trading solutions

Support Services to the
commercial management

  • Advising on imports and exports
  • Advising on market issues and market research
  • Advising and giving support in negotiations, presentations and fairs
  • Translating of documents and interpreting service
  • Supervising and inspecting shippings
  • Advising and organizing on logistics
  • Researching and selecting suppliers
  • Negotiating and following-up of commercial agreements
Unit 2209, 22/F., Wu Chung House, 213 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
+852 8193 3188
+852 3020 2089