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Spanish Government is going to soften regulation on “golden visa” for investors.

The Law 14/2013, of 23th September introduced in Spain the “golden visa” for foreign investors.

According to this regulation, investors could get firstly a one year investment visa, followed by a 2 years residence permit, that could be extended for other 2 years. After this period of 5 years, investor could apply for permanent residence permit.

The required investment shall be of three types:

1.- Financial Investment :

- Spanish public debt of higher value than 2.000.000 EUR.

- Shares of Spanish private corporations of higher value than 1.000.000 EUR.

- Deposits in Spanish banks of higher value 1.000.000 EUR.

2.- Acquisition of real state in Spain of value higher than 500.000 EUR free of charges.

3.- An entrepreneurial project in Spain, considered of general interest.

One year after this regulation has been in force the Government is planning to reform it by extending the residence permit to non married couples and children above 18 year of age. The applications for these permits will be also simplified and the duration of permit extended up to 5 years.

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