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ECHEBASTAR: high quality tuna fish

Echebastar Group, a prestigious group of companies that operate tuna fishing in the Indian Ocean, has entrusted its expansion in Asia as advisor to"Becker Hong Kong".

The goal of the alliance is the legal advice in the expansion toward Asian markets in addition to the commercial support to the Group in this area.

The Group Echebastar was established in 1967 being at today a reference in the tuna fishing at the global level and especially in the Indian Ocean.

Among the products marketed by Echebastar Group we can be highlight the folowing:

1- Tuna in brine frozen in bulk.

2- Tuna high value-added frozen in dry, to -60 ºC (quality sashimi) in different presentations.

3- Loins and ventrescas of tuna in olive oil, handmade, marketed under the brand Alakrana.

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