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We help you to develop your business in China

The Business Division of BECKER HONG KONG focus its activity on providing investment and business consulting services.

We provide a wide range of advising and support services for the development of investment projects in China.

The uniqueness and complexity involved in every investment project makes it mandatory to gather the most suitable working team together, specially tailored for each specific case and situation, which will be formed with specialists from both our internal resources and our collaborators. Having the team that best fits to manage a project is an indispensable key to success.

We also provide support and consulting services for business and commercial activities in China.
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We involved ourselves in the commercial development of some projects, establishing lasting alliances with selected Companies in order to explore and develop together business opportunities in China.

Experienced team and capacity of trading

Our professional team and extensive network of partners allows us to act with efficiency to throughout China and Hong Kong, and other near areas as Taiwan and Singapur.

In addition we have a subsidiary company in China, licensed for import, export, agency, distribution and trading in a broad range of industries and products that includes, food and beverage, automotive, machine tool, etc. …
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A bridge between China and Europe

Our links with BECKER LAWYERS, allows us to provide services to Chinese companies and institutions wishing to invest in Spain and elsewhere in Europe, or need support for developing their business in this area. For this purpose, we rely on a team of reputed professionals and collaborators, including Chinese speaking professionals for what we have with our team of professionals and collaborators, which includes partners in Chinese language.

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